We are often asked the question: How does AquaLyte compare to water ionizers. Here is a brief comparison of AquaLyte and water ionizers.

There are significant differences between water ionizers and AquaLyte that should be considered in order to make a wise choice.  The AquaLyte will still work in ionized water, although it is best to set the pH to 7.0, or neutral. 

1)    AquaLyte makes alkaline water NATURALLY with minerals, while ionizers use electicity.   There is something UNNATURAL about changing water by electrocution.  This simply does not occur in nature. How can you strive to live a “natural lifestyle” and drink unnatural water? Isn’t that a contradiction?

2)    AquaLyte adds minerals that we all know are missing in our food and water, which are required for every bodily function. With ionizers, you are stuck with whatever minerals were in the tap water, which at best has a very limited volume and variety of minerals. AquaLyte is the very best source of minerals on the planet, and since they are dissolved in water, they are in their correct form and highly absorbable. It’s the full spectrum of minerals your body can’t be healthy without. AquaLyte minerals actually change the water on a molecular level. It’s interesting to note that there are several places in the world where people live longer and healthier than nearby populations. Scientific investigation has determined it is due to their water.  In all of these locations, the water is full of a wide variety of minerals that created healthier water. Okinawa, Japan is at the top of the list and the world’s leader in health and longevity, due to coral minerals in the water. AquaLyte provides these same coral minerals.

3)    Ionized water loses its pH increase and reverts back to ordinary tap water in just a few hours, certainly within 24 hours. With AquaLyte the pH increase lasts for weeks. Drinking AquaLyte water flushes out your body’s existing water and replaces it with the best possible water. This can’t happen with ionized water, because it keeps changing back to basically filtered tap water inside your body, within hours after you drink it. Your body is 70% water. Wouldn’t it make a difference if that 70% was better water?

4)    ORP levels are lowered with AquaLyte indicating antioxidant water. This effect lasts for weeks vs. just a few hours with ionizers. AquaLyte antioxidant water sets up a protective barrier outside and inside your cells to neutralize health damaging free radicals before they can cause any damage.

5)    AquaLyte kills bacteria in water and ionizers don't.

6)    AquaLyte makes water "wetter" which is more hydrating, by breaking up water molecule clusters thereby “structuring” the water. This also allows the cells to release stored toxins. If ionized water does the same, then why do people often experience detox symptoms after switching from ionized water to AquaLyte water?

7)    AquaLyte is portable and doesn’t require electricity.  You can put it in your pocket, or purse and take it anywhere to enhance whatever water is available.  You can even take it with you on a plane. Don’t try that with a bottle of ionized water, or a big bulky ionizer.

8)    Ionizers are very expensive.  You can buy a lot of AquaLyte for the $1200 to $4,000 you have to spend for an ionizer. There is a very high probability of a placebo effect with people who have paid $4,000 for a water ionizer. Think about it. In today’ economy the salesman would have to use a lot of hype to get you to write a check for $4,000. Once you own it, you will want to believe the water is doing something positive for you. Otherwise, you would feel foolish. The mind takes over and you start experiencing a temporary placebo effect.

9)    Ionizers require maintenance and there are filters and electrodes to replace. Some even require chemicals. There is no maintenance, or parts to replace with AquaLyte.

10) AquaLyte can be used in a wide variety of liquids, while ionizers are limited to treating only water.

11) AquaLyte testimonials are far superior to ionizers.  Isn't that the reason for drinking alkaline water anyway...better health? 

12) After several months of drinking ionized water, people often experience digestive issues, because the water is killing off friendly bacteria needed for proper digestion.

13) Pets are instinctively drawn to AquaLyte water and will choose it over another bowl of water sitting right next to it. That’s because of the minerals and the energy they contain. Animals can sense it. People seem to crave it as well.

14) AquaLyte is the only water enhancer that is known as the...  “Secret of the World’s Oldest Man”.

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