Confused about Crowdfunding and Investments? and other...
Let me explain a few home truths about investing for you in this video.

  • Why the old way to comfort is the way to a life of financial stress.
  • How to break away from old ways of thinking and old customs that are keeping you STUCK and struggling.
  • How to shortcut your learning curve so you can give yourself and family  financial freedom!
  • But first a WARNING
    The 'opinion' that a 2, 3, 6 or 8% return per year from a bank, "is good"… is not only

    a bad opinion... it's robbing the people that believe that stuff, from reality!

    If you think that 11%, 18% or even 22%+ per month is impossible… then what
    I'm about to share with you today may be for you,... Or not be for you...

  • This company diversifies in 5 asset classes:
    ​​​​​​​Gold/Silver commodities
    Crypto currency

if you want reliable, regular income with no personal effort

and no stress, join us today...

Exciting times ahead for all

Many success stories do we hear .. Lets create our own. Work smarter.. Make It Fun! Execution of Knowledge ... Is Where the Power Lies.

When you start to invest your money and efforts, there Will be so many other partners who will work toward, Yours, Mine,Our - income and growth.

There are so many people out there with the same goals, who
have every intention of bringing in a stable and consistent income
online but very few are willing to take the steps to make it happen.

These are of the most exciting opportunities ever in the home business industry!

Kind regards - To Mutual Success ~ your new friend :)


Manage Giving-Back-Contribution

Example: A donation of 1% when the interest is 11% means that you will receive 10% and you are donating 1%.

You can adjust these settings at any time.

Unique Global Investment guarantees that all financial support in its entirety goes to the intended recipient or person/s. Only those projects or Organizations will be funded, where Unique Global Investment could ascertain that only a very small or even no administrative bodies at all are regulating the environment, so that all of our measures benefit exclusively the people, and the aid given is measurably and demonstrably proven to us.

Be Blessed,

p.s. "Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless." ~ Jamie Paolinetti, Actor



Konstantin Haslauer, 50 years young and happily married to his wife Christa, is one of Austria's most successful entrepreneurs for over 30 years. His innovative work in the field of fitness and health management has brought this area to a new level. Before he and Mr. Castiglione decided to start UGI he was heavily involved in large project development and financing and in the development of new markets in the field of High Finance on a governmental level. As a result of his outstanding work as an entrepreneur he was assigned as Senator of the European Economic Senate.

Marco Castiglione has been a Self-Employed businessman for over 25 years and is one of Germany's most successful entrepreneurs. He also works in the area of currency trading in Asia, Russia and Turkey on a governmental level. Because of his amazing work as an entrepreneur he was assigned Senator of the European Economic Senate. He now adds all his 'know-how' and experience collected throughout his amazing career to the benefit of UGI's overall success.


Thomas Franz, 38 years old, has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. From an early age of 16 he successfully built worldwide sales organisations for renowned global companies. At the age of 20, he founded his first successful start-up company as the youngest entrepreneur of Styria, Austria. Furthermore, with his secondary innovative work in nutritional supplementation, he has been able to improve many lives in health and wealth. By chance he found BTC, which was still in its infancy. The fascination and the incredible possibilities offered by this novelty inspired him so much that he entered the sensitive area of crypto trading and achieved remarkable success as trader in the field of crypto coins. Thanks to his appropriated network of miners and users around the world. Mr. Franz is one of the few people who is in direct contact with those who really „control" the market and has become one of the most successful crypto traders throughout Europe. Now he works exclusively for the UGI as a professional trader and crypto consultant.


​​​​Florian Dahn has been a passionate programmer and IT specialist for more than 15 years and developed IT solutions for international companies in a leading role. He's been a self-employed entrepreneur with a long-term distribution experience. We are very happy to have him onboard the UGI team. It is a pleasure to call 'The Best Of The Best' part of our team. He's the only one who knows how to handle all our IT & Security needs. How to describe him best? "There is nothing impossible!"


Thilo Hoffman, independent consultant & broker to UGI has a remarkable story that started in the banking industry. With a university degree and eager for success he found his way into the world of investments. Within this fascinating field he had the privilege to gain experiences with the largest hedge funds, which paved the way for his own fund. Today Mr. Hoffmann is one of the most renowned market specialists in the world of high finance.

Hannes Sommer, happily married for over 13 years, lives with his wife and his 3 children, both in austria and USA. He has been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years and launched his first game company in 1986 in Germany. He was a pioneer in the fields of telecommunication and internet marketing in the 90's. For more than 15 years he has operated successfully in the area of affiliate marketing worldwide and has created a network of more than 400 000 partners with a total net income of half a billion USD. With his brand "Inspiration Factory“ he works as a special consultant and "Art Director“ for international companies and now we are very happy to welcome him in this position at UGI as Director of International Business Relations.


Regular Company Webinars Are Held
Where You Can Meet The Team LIVE...!


Some Facts:

  • The company is registered in Europe (all legal documents can be found in the members area for download)
  • Both owners are well respected business men and both Senators for the European Economic Senate
  • The entire corporate team consists of very innovative and professional individuals all with their own credibility and expertise
  • A legal company that joined an Alternative Investment Fund which is fully regulated by EU law
  • All investments are 100% secured with precious metals and with a regulated investment insurance fund
  • After expiration of the contract (12 months) 100% refund of the deposit
  • Personally meet owners and support team
  • Regular live webinars with the owners and traders and support team (unique scenario)
  • For serious investors the company will fly them into Vienna to meet the team, ask questions and see results
  • Minimum size Crowdfunding package - €1000
  • We have done as much due diligence as we can ourselves and so has our partners and everyone involved before we started. 
    Never risk what you can not afford to lose in any program. That's the wise way!
    And never have a "lotto" mentality when you make decisions about participating.
    Attend a corporate webinar held by the company biweekly. (ask your introducer for a link to attend)
Brno Czech Republic
Johannesburg South Africa