Hi, My name is Fatuma Nordien  I live with my family on the Island of New Zealand, Auckland City.

I am originally from the City of Cape Town, South Africa.


I love Internet and Network Marketing. Creating Residual Income Online. And I’d love to inspire you that you can do it too and be successful!

My goal is financial independence by creating residual income streams, time-freedom, and to help others reach the same. 

I started my career working as a business woman/managing family's businesses...moving on I worked as a sales agent/representative for a national perfume company.

This introduced me to people and their needs...then I started my own Mommy Day Care, which I managed with great success.

 After, having been to a

Golden Products meeting (way back) the dream stuck with me to work in my own business, to work from home, to be Time free and independent.

So my journey started…

Like many I have read,  learned, joined, made some money, lost some, joined again, made some money, lost some, …

...swore I’ll never join another “OPPORTUNITY” again, but then…. joined again, Sh'ZEN, Educational games, Herbalife ...  made some money, lost some, almost canceled everything, … BUT I NEVER GAVE UP on my dream of residual income, of making it one day. So you can say, I gained LOOTTTS of experience.

One of the important things I learned is, that ALL the training and ALL the work you do and ALL the tools/marketing manuals you use will not make you successful, when your MIND SET is not right. 

 Time Freedom!

I encourage you, to take a look through my page, see what we are all about, connect with me on the box below and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s change the world. Let’s inspire others, let’s create our FREEDOM Lifestyle, let’s follow our dreams!


Disclaimers :

I strongly recommend that readers make their own thorough checks before entering into any kind of revshares, investments or trade programs, or any other affiliate opportunities you may come across browsing this webpage.

All content provided on this webpage is for informational purposes only. I  make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on these sites or found by following any links. 


This is to YOURS/Mine/OUR Success!


 Warm Regards