"See You", at the next Event says, Hugh-Paul Ward and Stephan Morgenstern

More, newest and fresh updates about FutureNet .. in Polish and English

Earn commissions in Bitcoin, physical gold, dollar and many other currencies.

FutureNet Coin - the FuturoCoin is coming 2017 -

Earn commissions in Bitcoin, physical gold, dollar and many other currencies.

FuturoCoin - new cryptocurrency from FutureNet!
the key points:
• 100.000.000 coins in total
• 10% for Company and ROYAL members
• 20% for Cloud Mining and Affiliate Program
• 70% for traditional mining over 10 years
• Listed on big and popular Exchanging Platforms from the beginning
• Starts with own Blockchain

The First MLM Company to have it's own Blockchain and Currency.. "FutureNet"

The Futuro Coin will be launching in 2017 and unlike many of the MLM Coins we see the futuro will be launched simultaneously onto the major cryptocurrency exchanges and will be traded from day one.
The company will be premining 30% of the coins which will see some of the coins gifted to members of the monetised FutureNet platform.
The rest will be sold off into mining packages and there will be a total of 100,000,000 coins mined over the course of the next ten years.

The coin will be utilised as a currency from within the FutureNet platform and from its own FutureNet Cafe Chain as well as other merchant vendors. This is an exciting launch and with an estimated 2,000,000 registered users of FutureNet, are eligible to start promoting the FuturoCoin, the coin will certainly cause a buzz and we can look to see it race up the charts on coinmarketcap.com

If you want to register to be part of this release then sign up for your free profile on the FutureNet Platform >> https://asystemthatwork.futurenet.club/

• 50 extra FuturoCoins
• 5 extra FuturoCoins for each Frontliner
• 1 extra FuturoCoin for each member in your team
• extra coins for each day of your ROYAL membership

Here it is! The first summary of our event, which took place in Cracow.

FutureNet Newsletter / World Convention 2017


Hello there, 

the time has come, our Futurenet World Convention 2017 is approaching.
On 11.03.2017, we are going to meet with more than 2,000 FutureNet Partners.

With Cracow, we have got the World Convention 2017 in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. And with the ICE Cracow, we have selected the most modern congress centre of Europe.

Please view the official video of the ICE Cracow:
And please view our two-minute FutureNet World Convention 2017 video:

From now on, you may order tickets on our Event Website.

An ordinary ticket, including coffee breaks, pastry, snacks etc., costs US$ 15.
And a VIP ticket, with an additional lunch and, obviously, the Convention GALA EVENINGS with a dinner, live music, an open bar etc., costs just US$ 99.

We are happy to be able to welcome you at the Convention.
Learn over there, from the first hand, where the travel with FutureNet in 2017 goes to.

Among others, we are going to advise you about the opening of the first FutureNet Cafe, you will receive information about the new revenue option, a next subject will be the FutureNet leasing, cars at ingeniously favourable price.

You are going to see live new product introductions.

Many other pieces of information will make the day better running.

First of all, we are going to speak about the grandiose future of FutureNet and the FUTURENET COIN.


A further reason to attend the event is, by all means, that you are going to have an opportunity to win one of 2 BMW cars and many other prizes!!!

AND: Some surprises are waiting for the participants of the Convention!!!

The FutureNet World Convention 2017 will be, self-evidently, fully translated into German.
See you on 11.03.2017 in Cracow!
Your FutureNet Team